Elementary Teacher 's Job For An Expert Essay

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A large portion of an elementary teacher’s job is to teach reading. Many students come to school not knowing how to read or are reading behind grade level and it is the job of the classroom teacher to help these students in their journeys of learning to read. The job of the teacher goes beyond what they do in the classroom. Teachers need to have a deep understanding of various theories and programs as well as a personal philosophy for reading. Each teacher will bring his or her experiences and personal beliefs on reading into their classroom. Teaching students to read is a job for an expert. In the education of today, the teachers need to be the experts in reading instruction. Teaching students to read requires the skills and knowledge of an expert due to the advanced knowledge and experience required to teach complex tasks such as comprehension, keep students motivated to read and have differentiated instruction for each student.
Teaching reading requires an in depth understanding of what comprehension is, how it can be taught and strategies that can be used. Reading comprehension is much more than just reading and understanding. To fully comprehend a text, the reader must work through a three-part process that includes construction, integration and metacognition (Graves, M). The final step of the process, metacognition, is where the readers go back and think about their ideas of the text. During metacognition, the reader must be actively aware of their ideas about the…

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