Essay on Elementary School Vs. High School

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I did my observations at E.W. Grove High School and William Blount High School. Something I found interesting was that both high schools have a night grade only school. The focus on having just a ninth grade program is to get all the students acquainted as a class and being in high school. Both high schools had students who lived on a farm and some that have never experienced farm life. Then you had a hand few that were put into the class because there was no other options for them. I noticed at E.W. Grove School that the ratio between male and females were equal and they were Caucasian. At William Blount High School the ratio of females were higher than males. Also, the majority were Caucasians with two Hispanics. Funding for the schools are very different, at E.W. Grove high School has a little more funding for their agricultural and their Future Farmers of America program than William Blount High School. Ms. Laura Moss was telling me how they are allotted two thousand dollar to fund their events. If more funding is needed, they can submit a request to the school board for more money. Whereas William Blount they have to fundraise for all their events according to Mr. Coning. These students put on an annual plant sale where they grow various crops in their greenhouses. Both schools put on an annual plant sale but the ninth graders at E.W. Grove do not do much with it, as it is a project for the 10-12 graders at Henry County High School.
Mr. Coning is…

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