Essay on Elementary School Vs. High School

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Sometimes, I feel like the vast majority of people in school are focused on the completely wrong things. Kids in elementary school or lower say they want to make friends and learn a lot, or just some idea along those lines. In middle school, suddenly people are comparing looks and grades and everybody starts a fuss. By high school, that gets worse tenfold. And once college hits, while those two things are still relevant, money enters the picture and everybody’s crashing and burning. Maybe that’s a little too pessimistic of a view, but by my experience alone, I can’t help but feel that it’s mainly true. I resent the fact that I no longer prioritize what I did when I was younger. In my eyes, it’s a problem. It’s not that people forget that they’re in school to learn, but more that it starts to get drowned out by other problems. And that just makes me sad. Of course, that isn’t to say that worrying about grades or money or anything like that is bad. By no means am I advising to just shrug off assignments because you “understand” what’s going on and don’t feel the need to do work since you’re already sooo much smarter than the rest of us. Nor am I saying to never fill out the FAFSA and just kinda watch the debt rack up in a game with your friends of who can get to 100,000 first. That is not a good idea. Do not do that. However, there’s a problem in that when I think about school, that is what I first worry about rather than whether I’m understanding material/the quality of my…

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