Essay Elementary School The Importance Of Education

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From the moment that children begin elementary school the importance of education begins to take hold. Teachers ask their students what they wish to become when they “grow up” and receive answers ranging from teachers to doctors. As they move from one grade level to the next, award ceremonies further instill the idea that education is something worth striving and working hard for. Such concept of merit and being rewarded for hard work drives students to seek further educating themselves, until the reality of education hits.
As children and young adults, students are told they can be anything they set their minds to when in all actuality it is not that simple, at least not for everyone. It is easier for those who come from rich families because of their capability to invest in their child’s education. Students who come from low-income households, their opportunities and chances for success are gradually cut down. It is those students with low chances of success that for-profit universities target, nationally changing the way the country thinks about higher, post-secondary education. The problem with the relationship between money and education is one with a domino effect of consequences. When a student’s parents do not have the ability to live in rich neighborhoods and pay for private tutors when they are not doing well in school, the student’s chances to attend a distinguished university is decreased. When a student knows that others have the upper hand they are discouraged…

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