Elementary School Should Not Be Forgotten Like Barry Essay

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First, school allows a breath of relief from the stress placed on students that are from low-income families. Lynda Barry talks about her life when she was younger, how she felt when she got to school and her relationship with her teachers. Barry had a rougher childhood than some because of her poverty-stricken family. The whole family suffered, but the children in the family suffered more because they were old enough to fend for themselves, but they were not mature enough to take care of themselves. Children that are still in elementary school should not have to be forgotten like Barry and her brother, whatever circumstances they are in parents should still watch over their kids. Barry had enough one day and she decided to run to school early in the morning the next day. When she got to school, it was just her and the janitor. When her teacher showed up, Barry saw her and went running with tears in her eyes. She reminisces, “It’s only thinking about it now, 28 years later, that I realized I was crying from relief. I was with my teacher, and in a while I was going to sit at my desk, with my crayons and pencils and books and classmates all around me, and for the next six hours I was going to enjoy a thoroughly secure, warm and stable world. It was a world I absolutely relied on. Without it, I do not know where I would have gone that morning” (724). Her teacher symbolizes a life preserver, when she saw her that morning she cried tears of relief. She was “drowning” in her home…

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