Elementary School Graduation Speech Essay

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Register to read the introduction… I can only applaud that kind of determination, that purposeful resolve to get where you need to be - even when it may not always have been very easy. Well done - you seized wonderful opportunities, academic, cultural and sporting and made them your own. We are indeed proud!

But, allow me set another scene? No elementary school graduation speech is complete without a story? The end of recess bell has just rung. The Grade [insert highest year of students]'s are outside a class, waiting for a lesson. Along comes a little Grade [insert lowest year of students] chap....shirt un-tucked and socks down after a good game of something that involves running. He sees a Senior Teacher standing next to the class, waiting to lead the class in.

Quite undeterred, this young
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Do you know him? He said he would play soccer with me after school!"

Teacher: "Well, do you know his name?"

Boy: "No...but will you find him for me please? Tell him I'll wait for him after school to play soccer."

With that, the little chap turns happily on his heel, confident that the teacher will in fact find the "tall Senior boy" and he trots off to his next lesson. The Senior kids smile and chuckle good-naturedly at the little guy's enthusiasm and conviction.

Ok, so the teacher never did find the elusive "tall one" - but something more important was "found".

It is gratifying to find that at [insert name of School] a Senior Boy will still offer to play soccer with a younger boy because he remembers looking up to the bigger boys when he was just a little guy. And what a find it is when a Junior Boy wants to play soccer with the Senior Boys - no fear...just a little awe and admiration

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