Elementary School At George Washington Carver Essay

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My Autobiographical Essay
I Attend elementary school at George Washington Carver. My post-secondary School was Cloverdale and May -Vack was the school I took a Trade All three (3) schools is in Montgomery Alabama. My current level of education is I have an Associate in Early Childcare and 2 college semesters in Culinary Art. The special educational experiences that I have had in terms of special schools, programs, or studies is that I have 45 contact clock hours at Child Care Solution in Fayetteville, NC and in Raeford NC. Education contributed to my development as a professional educator because It allows me to become knowledge in how to care for students and what it takes to assistance in education them. I have learned that children learn through play. Children have many different styles. As an educator, I have to be willing to challenge and foster to the many styles of teaching so that I can reach and excel their learning pattern. which is helpful in education and as a teacher. I feel that all is equally important, /because some kids may learn from play while others may learn from watching one play. I have also learned that as an educator, you have to work closely with the parents and other organization to help each child to become successful in their everyday learning. This will help me in the future because learning should be fun, and there are many ways to corporate learning and play together in a classroom. Staying on top of each child progress and keeping parents…

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