Elemental Design And Sculptural Space Essay

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Elemental Design and Sculptural Space
Work of Denton Corker Marshall and Kerstin Thompson

Since the 20th century, the portrayal of art in architecture has been agreed to the expression of freedom. Their view emerged from conventional design which was orthodox at that time. Quality of dealing with the conceptual design approach in preference to one certain architectural style is defined as ‘Abstraction’. Minimalism is one of the cores in this tradition that addressed the conceptual territory and direct senses 1. Philip Goad stated in his book of New Directions in Australian Architecture that ‘Levels of Abstraction’ is one of three design traditions that have persevered within architecture in Australia. Not only that this tradition has its seductive visual ends; it was also thought that the pleasures of clear, analytical, and abstract thinking are notably the terminal aim for its importance in Australian architecture 2. Therefore, it was difficult to disengage abstraction 's modern identity from the reformulation of social space through architecture and urbanism. Moreover, he examined many architectural practices whose works are related, for all that, Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) and Kerstin Thompson Architecture (KTA) are two of those that will be analysed in this study. DCM is characterized by its elemental design to give dynamic counterpart to its surrounding 3, while sculptural space has been the viewpoint of KTA’s works 4. This study aims to evaluate each…

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