Electronic Waste Management And Electronic Materials Essay examples

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Electronic waste management can be referred to as electronic materials that are no longer in use, for example; computers, mobile phones, electronic equipment’s that are found in the office, refrigerators among others (Kahhat et al. 2008). These types of electronic are in most cases kept away for reselling, reusing, for recycle purposes and at times they are scheduled for disposal (Kahhat et al. 2008). Other types of electronic waste usually include re-usable electronics that are thrown away by the consumers since they no longer have any use for them. The buyer dumps them if they have been used for over a long period of time, and if they are recycled, the products obtained will be of no use at all (Song et al. 2015). In most cases, the electronics are mixed up, and the buyers have a hard time of classifying them to be good for re-use, the ones that can be recycled or the ones that are completely wasted, and recycling cannot help them out. Public policies are for the use of the term e-waste to refer to them. One of the most delicate electronics to recycle are the Cathode Ray tubes which in most cases contain high levels of lead and phosphors, therefore making this process hard (Kahhat et al. 2008). E-waste management ensures that the electronics that are recycled are put into good use, and this helps in a great way in reduction of the pollution of the environment.
Options for Managing E-Waste
i. Inventory Management – Materials used in the manufacturing…

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