Electronic Product Industry : Apple And Samsung Essay

978 Words Oct 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Most people know that in the electronic product industry, Apple and Samsung are two of the most famous and the most utilized devices. Therefore, the technical patent is significant to them. In the early years, Apple and Samsung are good partners. For example, Samsung manufactured memory chips to Apple, and Apple paid for it. Later, Apple wants to dominate the market. The other manufacturers are also scrambling it in order to catch up with Apple, but only Samsung can compete with it. For Apple, they need a trial to protect their position, and Samsung needs an opportunity to prove themselves. So, it is no wonder that they will engage in patent wars to maintain their own patent. For this, they probably will have a lawsuit. Nevertheless, there are always pros and cons, so the patent wars can boost sales, or diminish sales. There are three kinds of circumstances that can be the result of a lawsuit: win-win; win-lose and lose-lose. However, no matter what the result is, there is no eternal winner.
First of all, in the win-win situation, both can be winners. Because Apple and Samsung are the famous companies, when they are arguing over some patents, it will create global news. Thus news is reported, it impacts marketing advertising strategies. Both companies will get free press and popularities. People will then pay attention to the products. It can improve the products’ sales volume. Fung (2013) wrote “But while Apple may have won this particular legal encounter, Samsung is still…

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