Electronic Medical / Health Records Essay

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Electronic Records Annotated Bibliography
Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMRs/EHRs) are the digital format of the paper chart which are used to record and collect data about the patient’s medical history. EMRs are mostly used to treat and diagnose patients. In Canada EMRs are an expensive medical software which physicians need to purchase. However, apart from the drawback, EMRs can accurately store data and indicate the long term changes of the patient. The main goal of EMRs is to allow physicians to easily access patient information quickly and efficiently.
The annotated bibliography will include detailed research based articles that will discuss the usage of EMR in Canada. The annotated bibliography will outline the cost, limitations and benefits of EMR.
Electronic health and medical records are a very costly system to get started into a clinic. EMRs are not an easy subject to train the staff in and the initial start-up cost can be very expensive. With this being said, there are some huge benefits to having an EHR/EMR in place such as: revenue enhancements, preventing wrong input of medical information and an overall healthier country.

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