Electronic Information And Communication Technologies Essays

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Within the past decade technology has been exceedingly improving and in more recent years has been prevailing in most working fields. For an example, the use of electronic information and communication technologies in the field of health care is called eHealth. eHealth allows patients to play a bigger role in managing his or her own health. This shifts the balance of healthcare and creates a way for individuals to take control of their own health and focus on personalized health plans for themselves. With the advancement of technology, life monitoring devices have grown extremely popular within the past couple of years in the form of wrist bands. These wrist bands are capable of tracking your steps throughout the day, monitoring your sleep, tracking your heart rate, measuring your temperature and giving you daily statistics of how active you were throughout the day. With more than two-thirds of adults in the United States being either obese or overweight, it has become a public health crisis in the United States. With the help of life monitoring devices we are able to improve our health. Not only is it helpful with being physically fit but it has the capabilities of helping those who have other health conditions such as high blood pressure or those who need to measure the quality of sleep they get a night. With major progress and potential advancements with mobile life monitoring devices there are still people who disbelieve that these devices actually work. The purpose for…

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