Electronic Health Records System Used At Kingston 's Acute Care Hospital

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In today 's complex health care system, informatics is widely used to convey communication and record the delivery of care that a client receives within the Canadian health care system. Informatics is a broad concept that covers a wide range of technology. It is delivery and storage system of information (Rubenfield & Scheffer, 2015). Technology and electronic information is continuing to increase rapidly in today 's healthcare environment and this is changing the way that healthcare providers are delivering and documenting the care that they provide (Police, Foster, & Wong, 2010). Specifically, the focus of this paper will be communicating about electronic health records system used at Kingston’s acute care hospital.
Electronic health records consists of four different components that are client registry, provider registry, diagnostic imaging system and drug information system. Client registry displays client information and personal health information. Provider registry ensures that the information is only available to an authorized individual and secure from unauthorized users. Diagnosis imaging shows diagnostics test that are completed and are stored in the system. This ensure that the information is available to everyone on the healthcare team. Drug information refers to the system displaying the medication(s) that the client has been prescribed and it has a safety system that reveals the client’s allergies and precautions to medication (Minister of Public Works and…

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