Electronic Health Records ( Ehr ) Essay

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The purpose of an Electronic health record (EHR) is to collect data from your doctor’s office. Electronic health records (EHRs) are more than just a way to collect data from your provider’s office; it is also a way to have a complete history of the patient. Electronic health records were made to share your personal information between your doctors. An electronic medical record (EMR) is an electronic capture of your chart, which contains all of your medical history that is from your primary care physician. An electronic health record is commonly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment. Here lies the problem that I would like to bring to your attention. Electronic health records should be shared throughout the country and the world, so that no matter where you are you are receiving the best care possible. When not shared between physicians, patients may not receive the proper care, or the physicians are not aware of all medical conditions of the patient.
Goals of electronic medical records
The goal of the electronic health record is be a complete record of the visit to the physician and what was observed and what the diagnosis is of the patient. All interactions between the physician and patient are recorded. The history typically contains the patient’s reason for coming into the office, past medical history, social history, family history, other symptoms unrelated to the present illness. These various components of the records are often maintained in…

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