Electronic Devices For Non Learning Purposes Essay

828 Words Oct 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology is in almost everything we use and everywhere we go. Yet one of the last places to really receive this technology is where students will spend years of their lives; in the classroom. This is due to people wanting to stay in their old ways, too expensive, people do not see the benefit, etc. We should allow electronic devices to be used in the classroom as they can enhance learning, increase productivity, and keep students focused. The biggest argument against technology in the classroom; students using the devices for non-learning purposes. As a student who experienced this, I can tell you that this does happen, but if a student wants to learn then they will use it correctly. The reason they use it incorrectly is that the device still has that capability, but with just a bit of programming and blocking things off, you can make sure that you can only use it for learning purposes. Another argument is that the cost of buying and then maintaining this technology is too great. However, computers and especially smart phones or tablets are getting to the point where what is needed in a classroom setting is steadily getting cheaper. The learning potential that would come from the technology would outweigh the costs. The former president of the National Education Association, Reg Weaver, said: “When America decides something is important, they find the money.” Society is using more and more computers and electronics and having the knowledge of how to use one is…

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