Electronic Devices Are Making Our Lives?

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Our textbook predicts that families will be changing in the near future because of technology. The family will be using more personalized electronics, and social online networks. They will also be using new forms of financial transactions. Personal electronics are already changing the way that families are interacting toward one another. Both children and parents are extremely dependent on using their cell phones. Personal electronics have made us so disconnected from each other. When I go home to visit my parents my mom and brother are both glued to their cell phone, and my dad has his faced buried into his computer. I will agree, if I didn’t have my cell phone I would be lost. I use my cell phone for almost everything from texting people to get a message across to finding my way around town. I really cannot remember the last time that I have used a house phone to make a phone call and actually talk to someone on the phone or pick up a map and find my way around town. Although electronic devices are making our lives easier it seems that every new device that comes out is having a bad impact on our communication to one another. Communication loss is also occurring though social networks. Families and friends no longer are meeting together for coffee or lunch to talk about the new and exciting things going on in their lives. They are now seeking social networks to connect with their friends and families. While this is a good thing, it’s also a bad thing. It’s a good thing

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