Electronic Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Camphine Electronic Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Camphine Electronic Corporation (CEC) is committed to be a responsible and successful company that contributes to economic and social life. We provide a program of management where continuous improvement of direct and indirect impacts is our priority. This Earth is our home therefore, we engage all efforts and our resources to mark our contribution to improve the world in which we live. Also, CEC recognizes the importance to conduct a business that protect the environment for future generations.We seek to provide our customers with an integrity service that respects our stakeholders and our environment. CEC is a company that is financial responsible for the strategies undertaken in the business relating to strategy for implementing corporate social responsibility efforts.Partnership plays a huge role in CEC where having a well- informed relationship between international and community stakeholders is important.The following principles and responsibilities are what define us as a good corporate citizenship: Business ethics and compliance, and environmental stewardship. CSR initiatives play an important role in our company since these initiatives help us to provide an environment where social responsibility management is vital. In CEC, the corporate social responsibilities are mainly focused on the below key areas:
Environment: CEC recognizes the environmental subjects that are associated with the…

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