Electronic Communication : Bullying Is Executed By Spreading Private Or Embarrassing?

1245 Words Nov 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Today, society is filled with the buzz of technology that engulfs the lives of many taking away from the true meaning of community. A community is a group of people putting aside their differences to work together as a single unit. However, communities all over have created more problems for themselves with the growth of technology. In this new age of technology, electronic communication has distorted this united sensation by shifting society’s focus from the real world to the screen. These advanced means of communication have opened up a new format of harassment: cyberbullying. According to the article Cyberbullying, this new form of bullying is executed by spreading private or embarrassing information over the internet, which results in humiliation for the victim. Electronic communication devices have enabled bullies to impact a copious amount of victims at a rapid pace. Numerous bystanders examine the intentional leakage of private information, which in turn, magnifies the intensity of the bullying. The victim feels an unwanted appearance of a spotlight following them on and off the screen. Bullies feel a sense of empowerment behind the screen; they have the courage to say whatever they feel because they do not have to face the vexed reaction of the victim. Support for the bully’s actions only increase through the use of electronic communication because a greater number of people view the initial attacks and then feel the need to play follow the leader and…

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