Essay on Electronic Cigarettes And The Electronic Cigarette

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2.1 million people use the contemporary product known as the electronic cigarette in the U.K. alone ("Electronic Cigarettes (also known as vapourisers)" 1). This implement allows “users to mimic the ritual of smoking a cigarette while inhaling nicotine” ("E-cigarettes Fact Sheet" 1). Instead of smoking tobacco, consumers inhale a mixture of “nicotine, flavor additives, and other chemicals” ("Electronic Cigarettes (also known as vapourisers)" 1). As a user draws in air, a heater is triggered to produce a vapor, which is inhaled. This allows clients to experience the same motions as smoking a regular cigarette; however, without burning harmful tobacco and other toxins (Bogdanovica and Britton 5). Some decide to use this as alternative to smoking cigarettes, but does it really help them? Research and studies show these products may not be as beneficial as citizens assume. Although cigarettes have existed for ages, the new electronic cigarette is on the rise, and just like its predecessor, it has a controversial history, a plethora of harmful ingredients, and numerous risks and benefits. First, electronic cigarettes have a vast history that began in the early 2000s. An experienced pharmacist, Hon Lik, first invented them in China in 2003 (Benowitz, Glantz, and Grana 6). Later in 2005, Europe began to see this product in their stores and since then their popularity has skyrocketed (Bogdanovica and Britton 5). As the years have gone by, more and more people around the world have…

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