Electronic Cigarettes And Smoking Tobacco Essay

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Planet of the Vapes Ever since the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, humankind has always had this special fixation with smoking tobacco. It was not until scientific revelations in the mid-1900s when people began to realize the lethal chemicals and additives found in tobacco products that are extremely dangerous to one’s health. Although many Americans tried to stop smoking tobacco due to these health hazards, most failed. A man by the name of Herbert Gilbert was determined to find a way to replace the burning paper and tobacco with flavorful steam, most commonly known as vapor. Gilbert’s idea grabbed the attention of many, and with the help of Hon LIk, a Chinese upper class engineer with connections to tobacco industry, the first electronic cigarette successfully hit the market in 2003. The use of these electronic cigarettes is a widely debated topic. The act of using electronic cigarettes and smoking tobacco has become prevalent in the past decade. This controversy has sparked my interest in the research of this topic. Since vaping is such a new element in today’s world, nobody really knows whether or not it is a safe or healthy alternative to smoking. However, most Americans agree that it is. Is vaping a safe or healthy alternative to smoking?

I began my research through the Samford Library Multi-Search. I applied filters that reduced my articles to only scholarly academic journals. The first article I came across was titled, E-Cigarettes and Smoking Cessation:…

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