Electronic Cigarettes And Non Tobacco Smoking Essay

1069 Words Dec 19th, 2014 null Page
Cigarettes, tobacco, smoking these things bring up thoughts of bad habits, horrible cigarette smell, cancer, and secondhand smoke. Recently there has been an influx of the use of non-tobacco smoking replacement devices also known as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Many individuals have switched to these devices as a way to quit smoking. Many of these people have found that the way people and business treat non tobacco smokers is the same as traditional smokers. These individuals made the choice to give up tobacco cigarettes for better health, but these ‘smokers’ have been exiled to designated smoking areas and to the outdoors stuck with the toxic cigarette smoke that was given up. Cigarettes contain high levels of dangerous carcinogens and lead to breathing problems and possible cancer for the smoker and for the innocent bystanders near the smoker. The research to follow is to show that switching to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is not only better for the user’s health, but also better for those around the user as well as being a very effective smoking cessation device. It will also be supporting evidence for separating traditional smokers and electronic cigarette users. There are several differences between traditional cigarettes and electronic ones. Traditional cigarettes are made from filters, tobacco, additives, and a cigarette wrapper.
When a smoker inhales a cigarette “a mix of over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic)…

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