Electronic Cigarettes : An Alternative Way For People Essay

1394 Words Apr 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Electronic-cigarettes were created to provide an alternative way for people who are addicted to traditional cigarettes, the problem is that instead of making e-cigarettes a medical tool to help people who are addicted, it has become a toy for the younger generation. Sorrowfully, a toddler from New York died because the child ingested the liquid nicotine that is attached to e-cigarettes. The toddler was not smoking, the nicotine, but still passed away because the nicotine poisoned the child when they consumed the flavored liquid. The story isn’t the same for the other younger children because they are actually smoking it. The use of E-cigarettes among middle and high school students have tripled since 2013 to 2014 estimating to around two million students (CDC, 2016). This is not a positive sign because millions of children are at a potential of harming the process of their brain development and getting addicted to tobacco because they are inhaling nicotine.
E-cigarettes are being portrayed as a safe and witty alternative to smoking, but e-cigarettes contain nicotine just like tobacco, which is highly addictive (Kids Health, 2016). E-cigarettes are basically an electronic version of a traditional cigarette without the combustion. With traditional cigarettes the consumers inhale more tar and carbon monoxide, which is why e-cigarettes are argued to be safer, but e-cigarettes still contain 41 other chemicals besides nicotine that people inhale (GASP, 2013). As world…

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