Electronic Books : The Price Difference Between Electronic And Print

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Electronic Books

One of the main reasons that people tend to like electronic version of books is the convenience of it. The process of getting a printed book involves actually going somewhere or waiting days to receive it in the mail. As opposed to the method of buying electronic books, where you can instantly download the book. In 1997 amazon requested a patent on what shoppers today know as the “buy now with 1-click” button. This makes the process even faster by adding this button on their website where you can buy any product with just one click. This just gives book lovers one more reason to choose electronic over the classic print that everyone had been accustomed to. They may start to love electronic books because they are just so much easier. Another factor that comes into play is the price difference between electronic and print. Most purchasers of electronic books are people who own smartphones, which is not hard to come by these days. Since most of them are constantly on their smart phones they will constantly be checking where they can find everything the cheapest. Electronic books tend to be cheaper, so they will automatically be swayed, since they are all about saving money. Though what they don’t consider is the fact that these are cheaper because what they are getting most likely did not cost very much to make, whereas a book requires paper and manual labor.

It is believed by the general population that electronic books have miraculously overpowered the…

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