Essay about Electronic Banking System, Inc ( Ebs )

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Electronic Banking System, Inc (EBS) is a financial service company helps charities and other companies handling the clerical tasks which processes donations to groups of organization. Workers at EBS have to deal with many checks and cash every day. Employees at EBS work in white collar setting and some work as a part time, but pay less than the manufacturing occupations they replaced. EBS is led by Ron Edens who believes controlling is the most efficient function for company to make profit. He always watching workers performing their job through the TV monitor in his office and also help him to deter thieves. He has less trust on his employees. There is a lot unfair rules for workers. He can watch people’s activities whenever he wants. Workers have no freedom and always observed by him. Employees in EBS have strict and harsh rules.
Workers are monitored in a silent room and windows are covered and isolated from outside. Their job is concentrate on working on their work. There are no permission for them to talk and have anything accessories on their desk except the work material that they need to finish. They are recorded every minutes to keep up their job. Workers who slitting envelopes and sorting contents must process three envelopes a minute. They need to filling out control cards to record their speed and in order for the managers to trace their performance. Workers are performed their jobs like a machine. Technologies evolved in this companies made workers even less…

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