Electronic Arts Essay

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Industry Analysis: Dominant Economic Features Market Size Scope of Competitive Rivalry Market Growth Rate State in Industry Life Cycle Degree of Vertical Integration Ease of Entry/Exit Technology Innovation EA Sports Label has a range of collection ofsports-based video games marketed under the EA SPORTS brand. EA SPORTS games range from simulated sports titles with realistic graphics based on real-world sports leagues, players, events and venues to more casual games with arcade-style game playand graphics. Co’s EA Sports franchises include FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL Football, Fight Night, NBA live, NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, Tiger Woods PGA Tours, NHL hockey, Nascarand Rugby. The EA SPORTS label offers online-only games and …show more content…
Industry and Competitive Analysis Industry Driving Forces Key Success Factors The profitability of individual companies depends on an understanding of consumer needs, timely product development, and effective marketing. Large companies publish a portfolio of titles and have advantage of scale in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and selling. Small development studios compete through creative designs and by partnering with large publishers. Major marketing vehicles include ads in platform-specific gaming magazines, special in-store promotions, and company websites. Online and print previews and reviews in game magazines are a major component of creating demand. Similar to the movie industry, most advertising and public relations campaigns for video games are released prior to the release of the title. Implementation Polices Best Practices Reward Structures Licensing agreements gave the platform manufacturer the right to set the fee structure that developers had to pay in order to publish games for their platforms. The customary royalty fee was between $8 to $10 rangeof a newly released game. As games prices went down so do royalty fees. Licensing agreement gave manufacturers control in other areas like game developers were required to submit a prototype for evaluation and approval that included all artwork to be used in connection with packaging and marketing of the product. The console manufacture had

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