Essay on Electromagnetic Radiation Is A Form Of Energy

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Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy that is emitted and absorbed by charged particles known as electrons. As EM energy travels through the space, it behaves either longitudinal or transverse waves and it contains both components of electric and magnetic fields. These waves are in the phase of one another by travelling oscillated perpendicularly towards and inwards.
The EM waves are originated with the charged particles which contains an electric field. As the particles move, the charged particles manage to maintain its electric field which utilize its force onto a nearby particles and it eventually produces electric field.
In conclusion, electromagnetic radiation is produced when atoms absorb its energy, it causes electrons to change its locations within the atom (see figure 1). Electromagnetic wave is produced as the electrons returns to its initial position and since there are different kind of atom and its measure of energy, electrons can take any of the electromagnetic waves including heat, light, ultraviolet and etc. On the other hand, electrons does not like themselves as being too excited (high energy), they will fall from high energy state by giving off radiations which is consequently seen as light.
Although EM radiation didn’t require any matter to travel, the invisible undetectable substance that is accepted by most of the physicists in the 19th century was luminiferous aether also known as Michelson Morley being the idea that filled up all space. In…

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