Essay on Electrocunvulsive Therapy

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This Course Project is being submitted on March 1, 2014 For General Psychology Class.

My topic for my psychology research report, is the topic of electro convulsion therapy, or what is formally known as electro shock therapy. In this paper I will describe what it is, how it is administered, and what psychological disorders it is used for. In my mind this is some sort of barbaric torture that was carried out in the earlier days of psychology, when doctors where not really understanding the full scope of the psychiatric
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It may be an effective treatment in someone who is suicidal, for instance, or end an episode of severe mania. ECT is a brief medical procedure that involves applying short electrical bursts to the brain through external electrode pads on the head. These electrical bursts create a seizure, which has been shown to help relieve symptoms associated with severe depression. The entire procedure lasts about fifteen minutes, although a patient may be in the hospital for about an hour to include time for prep and recovery from the treatment. ECT treatments are usually grouped together in six to twelve treatments at a time, generally given three times a week for two to four weeks. The number of treatments a person will need depends on the severity of their symptoms and how rapidly they improve. Before a patients first ECT treatment, the doctor needs to make sure the procedure is safe for them. The psychiatrist will likely refer them to a physician for a physical examination, an electrocardiogram, ECG, to check their heart health, and laboratory tests, to ensure there are no medical conditions that would preclude them from receiving ECT treatment. The patient may also be referred to an anesthesiologist to go over the risks associated with having anesthesia. Modern electroconvulsive therapy is administered under general anesthesia, to ensure it is a safe and pain-free

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