Electrical Engineering At Qualcomm : Profile Essay Final Draft

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Electrical Engineering at Qualcomm: Profile Essay Final Draft You all might have heard of the company name “Qualcomm” at least one time in your life, whether you think about the research centers that designs and promotes wireless telephones and services or the one that’s most common, which is Qualcomm Stadium, where all home games are played at for the NFL’s football team, the San Diego Chargers, as well as for San Diego State University Aztecs college football team. I will be referring to the Qualcomm research centers that were first founded in San Diego, California. Currently, Qualcomm has expanded worldwide to different countries, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, and many other locations. This profile essay will be covering what Qualcomm does as a company, the benefits of it, and I will also be interviewing my father who works at Qualcomm for about fourteen years now as an electrical engineer. Qualcomm comes along a friendly and peaceful environment filled with many offices for their employees to work in, so if you ever need a job that involves computers or electronics and to serve a particular company, you know where to look for. Being an electrical engineer deals with a lot of math and physics in order to become one. Even a decent education of a college degree would help in becoming one, especially if you’re majoring in electrical engineering. Basically, if you love dealing with electronics, such as computers, then you might find this field very…

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