Electric Vehicle Research Paper

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Authors: Wayne Tsang

Abstract—Electric vehicle (EV) have obtain a positive response from the people due to the environmental-friendly factors. However, Electric vehicle powered has not yet being commercially because of power efficient, reliability and also high production cost.
Electric Vehicles are zero emissions and higher energy efficiency much environmental friendly than the conventional petrol and diesel vehicle. However, the electric vehicle has a smaller energy available compared to conventional vehicle. Therefore, electric vehicle deign to against aerodynamic drag must be reduced to a very low level to keep the same performance as conventional vehicle. Aerodynamic drag force and drag reduction is a crucial task
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Design Questions:
1. Are Electric vehicles safe?
2. Do electric vehicles pollute?
3. Cost of operating an electric vehicle?

Research Questions:
How to reduce the aerodynamic drag?
There are many methods to reduce a vehicle air drag. Normally it is a focus of shape, the design of the bodywork can make a vehicle more aerodynamic.

To mitigate environmental problem, especially the greenhouse gas from conventional vehicle, research and development is conducted throughout the world on vehicle that run on new energies. The electric vehicle is significant for the future development to the community.

Individual components where air drag and air swirls are forming, like the underbody, engine compartment and the wheel houses for example, vehicle designer are trying to harmonies aerodynamics with comfort and looks in this
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Though the electric car itself does not burn fuel, most power plants use "fossil" fuels to generate electricity, so we must consider the pollution created at the power plant. Another issue that is rarely addressed is the fact that most electric cars use batteries which themselves have the potential to pollute if they are not disposed of correctly. In many cases, batteries, while they are being charged, gives off gasses, which can vary depending upon the type of battery. This can be hydrogen and oxygen or sulfur fumes or other gases. Hydrogen and Oxygen themselves are not considered pollution of course; however the mixture can be explosive if they are allowed to reform water. Another type of pollution that may be of concern is the electro-magnetic emissions that some people feel can cause various human ailments. Electric motors can be shielded with special alloys, such as a highly tempered copper/nickel alloy, creating a type of Faraday cage, however this adds weight to the vehicle and it is not conclusive that all emissions can be

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