Electric Engine Lessen Pollution Essay

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Electric Engines That Lessen Pollution


Electric engines to lessen pollution will be good to lessen pollution it will help our environment to be eco-friendly and less smoke on streets.
I Paulo Juson will introduce about what I researched. I researched about electric engines to lessen pollution. This will help the environment to be eco-friendly, my research is for engines to be electric to not cause any smoke and destroy pollution. In my research I will explain how will this engine lessen pollution and I will explain the steps in making this engines. As the program I am taking which is Mechanical engineering it is my job to build engines, and I must make sure that it is eco-friendly and will not cause any pollution. This research
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Electric engines must be in a good condition in order for it to do its job. Electric engines are eco-friendly they just need good quality batteries for it to work. Batteries for electric engines depends for the speed the driver needs. The electric can use solar pads so it could be charged, but if there no heat the electric engines can be charged by cables like charging an ordinary battery. Electric engines will help remove pollution because first of all there is no smoke because they are just electric engines.
You don’t need to crank up the engine in just one click engine is already started not like gas engines it still needs to crank before it starts and it produces smoke. Electric engines are good they help solve solution to pollution. In building electric engines it takes time no need to rush the job because it can get done, another is that it will be a good engine with no errors. Electric engines will help the environment to be eco-friendly. The cause of building electric engines is to minimize the pollution. This electric engines don’t have smoke and they don’t run on gas but only on electric. Why do we need to build electric engines? We need to build this because the ozone layer is getting damaged due to pollution. So building electric engines will help this problem. The electric engine is best first of all no smoke and easy to

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