Essay Electric Cars Vs. Gas Cars

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When you think of electric cars, do you think of a toy remote control car or a high end Tesla? As far as transportation goes, the first practical electric car was made in 1884 London. They would go on to make up approximately a third of vehicles on the road in the early 1900s. They quickly faded from roadways however, due to advances in the internal combustion engine. These Electric vehicles would not begin to return to prominence until the 1990s. The first widely successful electric vehicle in the era of modern automobiles would be the Tesla Roadster, which began development in 2004 and was first seen on the road in 2008. A plethora of other electric vehicles would soon follow along with many advances in the technologies that these vehicles rely upon. In the article ‘Electric cars vs. gas cars’, James R. Healey attempts to argue that electric cars can be more harmful than beneficial.

Are electric cars better than gas cars? According to James R. Healey, a columnist for USA today who covers automobiles, they are not. He tries to warn car buyers against getting an electric vehicle by referencing current environmental and economic concerns about purchasing a vehicle. He assumes that anyone reading his article is unfamiliar with both energy infrastructure and the inner workings of an automobile. The layout of the article is very choppy and he seems to be biased against electric vehicles.

Healey tries to appeal to his audience by using his position as an automobile…

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