Electric Cars Research Paper

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The value of electric cars is increasing by the year. They are becoming smarter and more efficient. But they are becoming farther out of range for the average person. Are the prices getting farther out of the reach of the average middle-class person?
Cost of batteries
The cost of the batteries is extremely high in price. They increase all the time because of the materials they use to make the battery stronger. One battery is around 20 thousand dollars. They last approximately 8-10 years. The batteries are all different shapes and sizes some big some small but the majority of them are big. Most of them cover the whole floor length of the car others fill where the trunk would be. The bad thing about having the batteries in the trunk or under
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Another maker is Audi which makes the A-3 Tron. There are also many other types of cars that are made. Almost every car manufacturer makes some for more electric cars. there are also hybrid cars. how those work is simple. They have electricity and gas to run off of. They have the option to switch one or the other so if you want one-one day or another-another day you could. It also helps so if you 're driving on electricity and run out of power it will run off the gas which helps so you 're not stranded in the middle of nowhere with no power to your car because not many places have charging stations.
Electric Car Efficiencies
Theses cars are very efficient and good for the environment they also help people save money which you need to do after you spend a ridiculous amount on buying one. Most cars are around the same mpg some range from 80-90 mpg.
Electric Car
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Also, at that time, French physicist Gaston Planté was inventing new batteries that would support more power than another one he had invented earlier. Also, in 1893 there was an electric car boom in Chicago. There where all kinds of makes and models around Chicago and there were more being invented. In 1903 Henry Ford makes the first gas powered Model T which will put a hold on the production of electric cars at this time but will take back off later on. In 1912, Charles Kettering invented the first practical electric starter. In the 1920s, the electrical car industry started to fall do to the availability of gasoline. In 1966 Congress introduces the bill recommending electric powered vehicles because of earth pollution so the industry is now back on the up rise. In 1972, the first full running hybrid was made by Victor Work. In 1975, the U.S. Postal Service bought 350 electric delivery jeeps from AM general a division of AMC. In 1976 congress passed a grant to research electric and hybrid cars. 1988 Roger Smith, CEO of G.M., agrees to fund research efforts to build a practical consumer electric car. G.M. teams up with California 's AeroVironment to design what would become the EV1, which one employee called "the world 's most efficient production vehicle." Some electric vehicle

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