Essay about Electric Cars Are Environmentally Friendly

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Nowadays, people more and more concentrate on reducing the pollution of the environment. A number of people are keen on to buy or at least learn about the electric car because the electric cars are the newest technology and they believe that the electric cars are environmentally friendly. In the current world, the electric car is still a tremendous controversy, although it is an emerging technology. As far as I am concerned, the electric car is not environmentally friendly and I will show it through the electric car generates more toxic substances, costs more money and wastes more energy through producing, and is not sustainable than the internal combustion engine vehicle.
The first electric car was designed in 1910 (NMAH, 2011). In 1996, due to the American government concerned about reducing air pollution, the General Motors produced 1,117 electric cars for the citizens in California, Arizona and Georgia (Melosi, n.d.). That was the beginning of the electric cars and greatly promoted the development of producing electric cars. Between 2006 and 2011, more and more vehicle manufacturers spend money on all-electric battery cars (NMAH, 2011). In 2011, there were about 15,000 electric cars which were sold (NMAH, 2011).
Some people believe that the electric car is important because it is environmentally friendly. To begin with, an electric car saves traditional energy such as petrol (Maximizing the Environmental Benefits of Electrified Vehicles, n.d.). Nowadays, the battery…

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