Essay on Electric Cars And The Electric Car

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Introduction Obviously, the electric cars has become more and more popular in the world. Many people driving their electric car on the street. Many manufactures began to produce electric cars, because the gasoline-powered automobiles pollute the environment and the oil resources have almost dry up. The government were badly in need of the new power and clean cars to remission the environment and resources problems. With the development of technology the electric cars seemingly is the best substitute so far. In fact, people already have a good product, Tesla. It is cleanly and powerfully. But it has problems still.Electric cars are usually expensive and has many additional consumption, the battery problem is obvious, like unstable, long charging time, and battery life problem. However, the electric car has great potential, it has obvious advantages. it’s cleanly, good for the environment, when the battery problem gets solve, that it can be mentioned with gasoline-powered in the same breath. Yet, electric cars have some disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the negative aspects. It will be the main vehicle in the future.
When the gasoline-powered car has invented,it was very expensive, and it’s just like the rich man’s toy. Nowadays, the electric car is in the same circumstance, it’s really expensive. If people want to own an electric car, they have to pay at least $20000 or more. The best electric car Tesla with base price of $57400.“ An electric…

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