Electric And Hybrid Cars Should Be More Widely Used Essay

1029 Words Mar 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Electric and hybrid cars should be more widely used as an alternative to traditional cars because they help reduce pollution and save money. Michael Grynbaum, a New York Times reporter, reveals New York City’s new plan for implementing the largest fleet of electric cars and charging stations by 2025. He explains that New York City wants to reduce their emissions by converting 50% of government transportation vehicles to electric cars or ones that release less carbon dioxide. The departments that would switch would be the Transportation Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. This does not include emergency vehicles . This is an example of a big city trying to make a difference. New York City also hopes to inspire other cities to create similar goals. The UK has a policy that explains their goals of reducing emissions by 2050. They state that the UK government will fine any car company that refuses to comply with making some changes to their cars including the production of some hybrid and/or electric cars . These are some examples of places that are trying to change their policies to reflect the changing environment. The entire United States needs to make similar changes. Electric and hybrid cars should be more widely used because they help reduce carbon emissions. Carbon emissions lead to global warming, which already has altered the environment in which we live. In order to try and reduce our impact on the earth, more citizens of the United States, a…

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