Electoral Systems And Uk Electoral System Essays

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This essay is going to be looking at major factors that should be considered when dealing with electoral systems and Uk electoral system would be the case study. This would be thoroughly analysed and linked to the economic growth of a country and policies that make the economy stable and strong economy . The argument find out whether or not proportional elections can be established and factors that can encourage the outcomes. This would be looked at from a national and global perspective.

An Election is any decision which is made due to voting. It could be done anywhere. Elections are done in schools , offices , countries and many other places. In This text an election is where citizens get to pick their representatives for the constituencies or country as a whole . Some characteristics of an election is an election should be fair, free and regular over a period of time e.g. In Britain elections are held every 4-5 years .Elections are held for many reasons such as to choose representatives , Government , Members of parliament , Prime Minister , and also participating during elections through voting helps the government interact with the people.

Furthermore, electoral systems are the ways by which representatives are selected. A number of varying voting systems are used to elect Uk local authorities , Scottish parliament ,European parliament and many more. There are three types of electoral systems with different types of sub electoral systems . The main 3 are Mixed…

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