Electoral College Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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Many have concluded that the Electoral College should be taken away completely or just in some states. There have been cases where Electoral College has actually been bad for us, but there has also been equal amount of times were it worked in are favor. There have been a few cases where they try to abolish the Electoral College and even just remove it state wide. For example, in 2004 Colorado almost passed a bill that uses popular vote instead of the electoral votes. Another, case was in 2000 when an elector voted against the popular vote which hasn’t happen in over 100 years. There is a misunderstanding of why we the Electoral College actually works, for example it can help smaller states have more representation and a bigger impact on who wins the election. Another well reason electoral voting works is it makes sure everyone received proper representation from each county. One of the other reasons Electoral College is widely excepted is it there would be no real mechanism of insuring who won the majority of the votes and specifically ones with not much regulation on voters.
Many people don’t know that are voting system is is that of an electoral vote and not of a populist vote, this creates a problem amongst certain voters who believe otherwise and they feel they have been betrayed. There was the 2000 presidential election where Colorado’s popular vote system, where who ever wins the most votes in the state gets all nine electoral votes for the state. Colorado’s example of…

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