Essay about Election Process Of President Of The United States

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Election Process of the President of the United States of America The president and the election of the president is a key element of United States’ government. A candidate must fulfill certain qualifications in order to be eligible. Additionally, the selection process is quite dynamic and not as straightforward as is often interpreted. Elements of candidacy include party affiliation, campaigning, and ultimately the voting by the electoral college. However, this system of election is not perfectly ideal, in fact many things are in need of some form of change. It is important for any citizen of United States to understand how the president becomes elected, because of the amount of influence and ability the president possess. To begin with, the first step of candidacy for president entails being eligible. A potential candidate must be a natural born citizen, be at least 35 years of age, and live as a resident for a minimum of 14 years (Lenz and Holmen 85). Although those are the only listed qualifications it is also implied that some form of expertise is required to earn a nomination (85). After qualifications is established the next step is to choose party affiliation and campaign. Secondly, candidates will run in their party’s primary election process. Where they will compete with members of their own party to earn the nomination of the party (Lenz and Holmen 86). It is common for candidates in the primaries to involve media and engage in debates with other candidates in…

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