Election Campaign For Election Campaigns Essay

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Fourth, election campaigns act as important components of a democratic system given that elections provide people with a platform for determining how their interests can be best served . Through election campaigns, the public are given an opportunity to participate in the democratic system by making decisions quietly or obvious engagement in determining people who will govern and the legitimacy of governance. Actually, election campaigns provide a platform through which the public can engage in a democratic system of governance by voting. This implies that election campaigns need to be serious occasions in the lifetime of a democratic polity . Therefore, it is seemingly impossible for people to engage in the democratic system without election campaigns which help influence decisions in the voting process.
Effectiveness of Election Campaigns on Voter Opinion and Turnout The question on the extent with which election campaigns mobilize voters has been a major issue, especially with regards to the link between these campaigns and voter opinion and turnout. This concern has been attributed to the lack of information regarding the aggregate impact of election campaigns on voter participation regardless of their significance in politics and the democratic system. Generally, election campaigns have been considered to have a major impact on the size and shape of the voting population in relation to voter opinion and turnout. This link is mainly brought by the modern technological…

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