Essay on Eleanor 's - Original Writing

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"Mum" Eleanor exclaimed, other than her father she had never seen her mother intimate with another man, to the wide grin on her face, the mumbling sounds of light pleasure. It all seemed a little too much for Eleanor as her suitcase dropped to the floor, the sound forcing her mother, and Ric apart.

Serena only managed to catch the eye line of her daughter for a second, before looking away coyly to Ric as she re-buttoned her shirt. This was more than a little embarrassing, Serena only felt glad that Eleanor had come in when she did, any later and it could have been a whole lot worse. Of course, they would not be having sex, but a few more items of clothes may have found themselves removed.

“I 'll go” Ric spoke sheepishly as he picked his shirt up from off the floor and putting back on, to say he felt uncomfortable being topless around his partners daughter was an understatement.

“No, you 're staying” Serena firmly replied, she was not having him go home just because Eleanor turned up a day early and it was always in her plan to have him stay the New Year too, just so they could indulge in each other. “Go on up, I 'll be there shortly”

Ric exhaled as he pondered the thought, he was not sure it was a good idea as he sensed a feel if strain between Eleanor and Serena; since Eleanor had moved out of the home permanently for University, they did not always talk. Ric now felt there lay an added strain, after all his relationship with Serena, they had not intended to break it…

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