Eleanor Roosevelt 's Wife Of President Franklin Roosevelt Essay

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People are rarely placed to work in a position with no specific job description. Those who are, usually fail. However, this was not the case for Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. She grasped the opportunity to influence the world, and did so with grace and passion. The title “Wife of President Franklin Roosevelt” does not do her justice. Eleanor was more than a First Lady and she was more than a wife, in fact, she was one of the most esteemed women in the world. Eleanor Roosevelt dramatically changed the role of the First Lady forever. She was widely mocked and criticized for her active role in politics and her looks, nevertheless, Eleanor Roosevelt believed “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Officially, she was the thirty fourth First Lady of the United States, but she was the first one to really bring life to her job. As a self-proclaimed feminist and humanitarian, Eleanor Roosevelt was the embodiment of courage, justice, independence, and individuality.
Born on October 11, 1884, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first child of the marriage between Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt. She was born in New York City into a wealthy and rather grief-stricken family. The death of Eleanor’s grandmother, on her father’s side, lead Elliot Roosevelt to enter a state of bereavement. Eleanor’s father became an alcoholic to deal with his sadness and his illnesses. Elliot was often absent at home and in the life of Eleanor and her younger brother Hall, which caused great…

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