Eleanor Roosevelt 's ' The Everlasting Roosevelt Essay

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The Everlasting Eleanor Roosevelt
A lost, awkward, young girl finds her place in the world while becoming a monumental figure in history. Eleanor Roosevelt lost both of her parents at a very young age. Nevertheless, she still had amazing opportunities and studied abroad under very brilliant women. Eleanor married Franklin Roosevelt on March 17, 1905 and eventually become the first lady of the United States (Ward 1). Despite living in a time period where women were repressed, Eleanor Roosevelt managed to rise above and demonstrate true compassion to the entire world and becoming an amazing role model to women.
Eleanor believed that all people deserve equal opportunities in life. During the second world war, Eleanor used the time that men were away to help women get a spot in the workforce. In order for this to take place, Eleanor knew that equal standards had to be put into place. “[Eleanor Roosevelt] strongly supported women working outside the home and urged their employment in defense industries. When women workers had trouble finding child care and adequate pay, ER lobbied to have day care centers and take-out kitchens within various factories, and spoke out strongly in favor of equal pay for equal work,” (“Questions” 1). Women in this time period had to stick together in order to get by. Eleanor found the ideal time to help women infiltrate the work force because the majority of workers would be away at war. She thoroughly believed in the equality of all people and…

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