Essay about Eleanor Roosevelt And The High School

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"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." is a rather famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that I could have used back then when this picture was taken. It had been a bad year for me, a difficult one. Up until the point I got into sixth grade, I had always gotten along with my teacher. I didn 't get along with the other students in my class, but I had learned to accept that things had always come easier to me and that they wouldn 't accept me. But I had always gotten along with my teachers and felt like I could trust them. You see, my school district doesn 't have a middle school, you go kindergarten to sixth grade in the elementary and seventh to graduation in the high school. So I spent half of my education so far with the same people in a class of nineteen students-and I had nobody I fit in with. I had been the outcast all throughout elementary school, the kid who 's always on the edge of the playground - the one whose picked on and made fun of because she always had her nose in a book, never wanted to play the same games as everybody else and just didn 't fit in.
So by this picture was taken, the day of my sixth grade promotion, the day everybody celebrated us moving up into high school, I was well on my way to feeling inferior. My parents and grandparents all tried to tell me that I shouldn 't belive that I had less value then the other students. But I couldn 't listen to them, even though I had tried and tried to just let the hurt and confusion go.…

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