Eleanor Roosevelt And Jacqueline Kennedy Essay

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First ladies have been referred to as “footnotes of history,” reflecting the public’s limited view of their position in the White House. Only a handful of first ladies have achieved great fame while many of equal or greater influence have been allowed to drop into obscurity. Two of the most famous first ladies are Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy, who made major waves in their respective political and social spheres; however, before these two first ladies made their impact, their predecessors paved the way for future first ladies’ progress. Before Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s reform campaigns, Lou Hoover pushed for feminist propaganda by delivering speeches on national radio. Almost 175 years before Mrs. Kennedy, Elizabeth Monroe enchanted both the American and Parisian public. By Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s time as first lady, the public can see a clear divide in the direction a first lady will take her role. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt involved herself heavily in politics, acting as a political partner for her husband. On the other hand, Mrs. Kennedy focused her time in the White House as a private partner to her husband. Both first ladies exhibited a new, modern first lady with new independence that set themselves apart from previous generations of first ladies. However, these two first ladies were a stark foil to each other. This dichotomy formed among first ladies by the middle of the twentieth century, but with whom did this juxtaposition start? The inaugural first…

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