Eleanor Roosevelt : A Great Deal Of Political Power Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady of the 32nd president Franklin D. Roosevelt, from the year of 1933 to 1945. Eleanor was born into a wealthy New York family but grew up in India. Indian females had their own female leaders to study and not much of about other female leaders from other countries were taught. Although, Eleanor Roosevelt was Franklin Roosevelt’s wife, she wasn’t known for it. Roosevelt was involved in democratic party politics and social organizations. Eleanor Roosevelt was highly appreciated for her achievements, her struggle, and her vision of a united nation. Eleanor Roosevelt brandish a great deal of political power. She wrote no laws and appointed no high officials. Eleanor Roosevelt was initially unwilling to step into the role of the first lady, fearful about losing her hard-won autonomy and knowing she would have to give up her Todhunter teaching job and other activities and organizations she cared about. Once, Franklin Roosevelt was sworn in as president in March 1933, Eleanor began to transform the conventional role of the first lady from social hostess to that of a more visible, active participant in her husband’s administration. The Roosevelts entered the White House during the Great Depression, and the president and congress soon implemented a series of economic recovery initiatives known as the New Deal. As the first lady traveled across the United States, acting as her husband’s eyes and ears and reporting back to him after she visited…

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