Eleanor And Park By Eleanor Essay

1210 Words Aug 28th, 2015 5 Pages
Eleanor and Park, is a young-adult fiction about two unlikely lovers who turned eachothers worlds upside down. Eleanor never imagined going behind her mother’s back or risking her well-being for some boy. Except he wasn’t just some boy, he was Park. Park never thought he’d sacrifice his secure social status for “the new girl”. Except she wasn’t just the “the new girl” she was Eleanor. In their little town in Omaha, Nebraska, neither one of them expected to find someone whom they couldn’t stop loving, that would open up their worlds to possibilities that they never knew existed before. Until Eleanor sneaked a peek at Park’s comic book, and he shared it. Eleanor thought everything was bland before she met Park, and Park never knew beautiful and interesting until he met Eleanor. They needed each other. He was the reason why she got up every morning, and she was the reason why he did too. Eleanor knew her body type wasn’t ideal, and neither was the way she dressed, her curly red hair, or her family. It also didn’t help that Eleanor’s step dad hated her and so did practically everyone at their school. Despite all of Eleanor’s problems, Park stayed by her side and slowly lost his closest friends in the process, but rapidly fell in love with her. To him she was like a flower that could never get brown around the petals, or slump. Park couldn’t imagine someone falling in love with an Asian boy; he didn’t think he was good enough. To her he was like a perfectly executed drawing that…

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