Elderly People And Nursing Homes Essay

1155 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Elderly people and nursing homes tend to make others uncomfortable or squeamish for many reasons, whether it be a disease they have or just because people don’t know how to treat them. At Bethesda nursing home, the workers deal with these elderly on an everyday basis this does not make it any easier for the them to get over that uncomfortable feeling that many people get. This causes problems for the workers because they then are not able to perform their jobs quickly and swiftly. The main thing people struggle with is the fact that these residents have limitations, and if they cannot get over it then it is very difficult for the new employees to adapt to a job like this. Including this one, there are many different issues when it comes to the workplace and that makes it difficult to enjoy the job. Work tends to be a hassle because of the the workers’ lack of training, their work ethic, and their inability to interact with the residents.
The workers at Bethesda Nursing Home tend to struggle to perform their jobs swiftly and efficiently because of the little amounts of training they receive. At many jobs where you will be performing many different tasks there is generally an orientation process that will occur. At Bethesda the new workers do not receive any prior training and are immediately placed with more experienced workers expected to perform the same tasks as swiftly as these co-workers. This is why the training process that everyone goes through is very ineffective.…

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