Elderly Of The Elderly Population Essay

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One major problem that the elderly population often face that goes unnoticed is elderly abuse. Elderly mistreatment or abuse can be defined as acting negligently towards an elder who is otherwise vulnerable (Hooyman, Kawamoto, & Kiyak, 2015, pg 213). Elderly abuse is considered a major social problem often faced by older adults because it often goes unreported, and the victims are often times elderly and are in an increased state of vulnerability (Hooyman et al., 2015, pg 213), often in assisted living facilities, where they are isolated from their family and friends (Penhale, 2010). While there is a problem with the reporting of elder abuse, about one percent of cases are reported (Halphen, Varas, Sadowsky, 2009), one study has estimated that there are over five million elderly individuals who have fallen victim of some form of abuse (Hooyman et al., 2015, pg 213), and of most of the cases that do get reported, many fall under neglect from a caregiver (Hooyman et al., 2015, pg 214).
Elder abuse has no ideal victim, it can happen to both men and women, but there are certain characteristics and traits that increase your vulnerability (Penhale, 2010). In a study completed in the United Kingdom, they found that in cases of neglect, those who are female, are a part of the oldest-old age category, are not in adequate health, in addition to suffering from depression are more likely to be neglected (Penhale, 2010). As stated earlier, about five million elder individuals have been…

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