Elderly And Young People Joining Gangs Essay

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Elderly Abuse and Young people Joining Gangs
As society progresses, there are multiple social issue that are now being identified as problems. As we know as society continuously changes, what’s considered deviant and normative behavior changes as well, and so different social problems arise. Two instances of that is, the increased interest in elderly abuse and the understanding behind the reasoning to why young people are joining gangs.
Beginning with elderly abuse, there is a new focus on protecting the elderly –especially with the raise of the Beanpole Family structure resulting in the Sandwich Generation. Traditionally, the most common family structure looked like a pyramid. A pyramid symbolizes a family where younger generations are larger than the dwindling older generations before it. However with the aging population and increasing contraceptive methods, especially in more developed countries, women are having less and waiting longer to have children, so in developed countries, the traditional pyramid family structure is disappearing and being replaced by Beanpole family structures. A Beanpole symbolizes a family with multiple generations because of the longer life expectancy, but the generations are smaller sizes because there are less children being born. A result of the Beanpole Family Structure is the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation is the generation that has been assigned the task of caring for the older generation (often their aging parents who…

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