Elder Abuse Methodology


The choice of which method to employ is dependent upon the nature of the research problem to be explored. Looking back to the literature review, the writer conclude by illustrating the research problem which she is going to address and work to close the gap that was found.
Research Problem
Elder mistreatment is intentional actions that cause harm or create serious risk of harm to a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or other person who is in a trust relationship to the elder. Elder abuse is an issue that occurs across all levels of the society whether poor and uneducated or wealthy with higher education. As a result, the number of cases of elder mistreatment may increase over the next several decades, as the
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This guidebook will be a good resource for people, whether they are caregivers for elder people or health care providers who work to take care of senior adults. The idea of developing this guidebook is to propse new soulations that may help preventing elder abuse and develop some excites soulations and make it more practulier.
The writer will analyze some of the identified solutions that presented in chapter 3.
The guidebook will be a result of a lot of researching about the issue and what have done to slove elder abuse. Also, the writer will conclude strategies and methods which could be usefuel to follow and apply.
The audience This handbook would be a resource for senior adults, professional people, healthcare providers, and caregivers. The idea of this guidebook is to prevent elder abuse and to help to protect senior adults from getting abused. The writer’s project will focus on introducing solutions that may help to stop this crime.
Additionally, this guidebook will be evaluated by three professional people in the filed of senior adults and they will provide their feedback about the project which will be useful to take their points of views into consideration to make it better. More details will be in chapter 4 and
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o Solutions
The most important part of the guidebook is developing some soulations that may limit elder abuse. These solutions could be
• Government soulations which has to do with establishing new and strong rules and laws that work to limit the abuse issue. There could be soulations in the federal level, state level, city level, and community level.
• Educational soulations which schools and collleges’ job to achieve throughout the curriculim taught or by providing workshops and orientions about the issue and make it more personal to touch the students’ feeling.
As the writer if this guidebook, I must admit that I am facing some chellanges on designing the book since it is a new experience for me . Also, I feel there are some limitions that my affect my work such as being an international student with no strong background about American’s laws and rules in solving this crime, however, I believe that elder abuse is an issue the most countries face and if a rule works to limit this problem in any where in the world, it could be adapted in any country. Therfore, I will deal with my logical ideas and what I feel about solving this issue more than consdirng what law says about

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